Signature Extended Invector Plus Choke Tube - 12 Gauge Improved Modified

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Manufacture ID: 6130733

High Performance Signature Extended Invector Plus Choke Tubes

The time has come for a set of true, high performance tubes to match the requirements created by the expanded line of Winchester shotguns. They set a standard as the finest Winchester choke tubes ever and offer performance competitive with the finest choke tubes on the market

- 17-4 Stainless steel in natural finish
- Extended design (3/4" beyond muzzle) with Winchester Signature "Red" band on front edge
- Completely compatible with steel shot, lead short and heavy shot
- Perfect concentricity for more uniform patterns
- Knurled surface for easy insertion.
- Invector Plus slots included for using a wrench
- Precision internal and external dimensions

- Bore: .715
- Constriction: .025

Warranty: One year warranty.