RWS Meisterkugeln Pistol Pellets - .177 Caliber, 8.2 Grains, Wadcutter, Per 500

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Manufacture ID: 2315030

RWS Meisterkugeln Rifle Pellets, in their unmistakable packaging, have been part of the equipment of every ambitious marksman for decades. Considerable refinement in production techniques has now enhanced quality even further. The material composition and surface treatments give the pellet a permanently bright, shiny appearance and prevent oxidation. Dimensional accuracy and adherence to strict weights in production are subject to constant controls. Two optimized weight classes of 7.0 grains and 8.3 grains respectively offer the shooter a choice between a quicker, lighter pellet or a somewhat heavier and thus harder-hitting pellet. Choice depends largely on the airgun used and the marksman's personal preference. As a general rule of thumb, we recommend the 7.0 grain pellet for all rifles under 12 fpe and the heavier 8.3 grain pellet for all guns with a power level of 12 fpe or more.


- Caliber: .177
- Weight: 8.2 Grains
- Head Type: Wadcutter
- Quantity: Tin of 500