Long Snip Cheaters - LED, Pac

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Manufacture ID: BTC224

An ideal solution for those who want a better view when working with small tackle. Trimming a fly or tying a knot, having a magnifier on the ready is a dream come true for the seasoned angler or the hobbyist. The new design securely holds the 3x magnification lens in multiple positions and folds closed for easy of storage. Like all of our SNIPs, these Cheaters can cut through braid, mono, and fluoro lines clean and smooth every time.


- 3x Magnifying Lens is ideal for tying flies or working with small tackle
- Cuts 50 lb. braid and mono lines clean and smooth every time
- 4 Tools: Magnifying Lens, Long Snips, LED Light and a Hook eye Cleaner
- Use magnifier hands free on fishing vest or with included lanyard
- 36” Retractable tether keeps your Snip always handy, never lost
- Batteries Included with LED version and easily replaced


- LED Light