Halo Laser Rangefinder - XLR1500-8, 1500 Yards

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Manufacture ID: XLR1500-8

The XLR1500 reaches further than any Halo rangefinder ever has before, giving rifle hunters and long-range target shooters impressive accuracy at up to 1500 yards. The simple press of a button calculates distance to target almost instantaneously, and scan mode makes switching between targets just as easy. With 6x magnification, premium glass lenses and AI Technology – the XLR1500 is quite simply, the best in every category.


- Maximum 1500 yards to reflective target
- 6x magnification
- Auto acquisition in less than a second
- AI Technology compensates for slope to target
- Scan mode allows for constant ranging
- Ergonomic body style with non-slip grip
- Glass lenses
- Precise to +/- 1 yard
- Water resistant


- Nylon case
- CR2 lithium-ion battery
- Lanyard


- Weight: 0.5 lbs.
- Range: 1500 yards
- Magnification: 6x
- Scan Mode: Yes
- Angle Intelligence: Yes