Gun Vinyl Decals (Various - AR15, AK47, Glock, SCAR, etc)

$1.99 - $9.49
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Various gun models and sizes to choose from.

Economical and professional vinyl decals for clean flat surfaces such as car windows, mirrors, laptops, etc.  These are cut on a CNC machine with high quality waterproof Oracal 651 vinyl that is rated for 6+ years outdoor and 10+ years indoors.

Thickness: 2.5 mil
Adhesive: clear, solvent based, adhesive

Application Procedures:
1. Clean and dry the surface.
2. Remove the backing of the vinyl while being careful to ensure that the vinyl has transferred to the top tape.
3. Align the vinyl to the surface and firmly press down. Always start from the center and work out towards the edges. Use a scraper (credit card, etc) to smooth out any bubbles.
4. Once the vinyl is securely adhered to the surface, remove the top tape by taking one of the top corners and pulling down slowly at an angle.
5. Use the scraper over the vinyl once applied to remove any bubbles and secure it to the surface.
*Tip: if, surface is not flat, use a tennis ball instead of a credit card to help secure it to the surface.

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