C4 Flip-Up Sight Set AR-15, LR-308

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Manufacture ID: UD10480

he brain’s visual systems are asked to align a circular rear aperture with a rectangular front post shape while simultaneously ignoring the “ears” that protect the front sight post.

Dynalign’s circle-within-circle sight picture allows for faster sight picture acquisition. Additionally, the use of a front aperture further reduces parallax effect which makes accuracy less dependent on precise sight alignment. Dynalign is a faster and more accurate sight picture that can improve shooting performance.


- Outer and inner concentric circles for easy target acquisition
- Windage adjustable for zeroing on the front sight, which guarantees that the rear sight windage is perfectly centered when at zero for maximum in windage adjustment in either direction along with easy return to zero
- Tool-less elevation adjustment that is always perfectly concentric with outer circle
- Aperture sight gives a shooter the ability to focus 100% on the target
- Strategic use of materials to maximize strength and weight
- A purely concentric sight picture with an inner aperture and outer circle for easy alignment
- Rapid windage and elevation adjustments
- Elevation adjustment to 600 yards
- Elevation cam for most ballistic bullet paths available
- One-handed deployment and stowage
- Interchangeable Apertures, .70", .50" and a ghost ring
- Spare aperture conveniently stores into windage knob
- Strategic use of materials to maximize strength and weight


- Fixed or Folding: Folding
- Material: Aluminum
- Height Class: Handguard Height
- Color: Black