Bitsy Bug Mini Jig - Freshwater, 1/8 oz, Green Pumpkin, Package of 1

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Manufacture ID: BBJ18-46

Smallmouths love Strike King's Bitsy Bug Mini Jigs! In additiion to their downsized design, Bitsy Bug Mini Jigs feature premium silicone skirts and fiber weedguards.


- Downsized design
- Premium silicone skirts gives more action than a soft plastic body
- Fiber weedguards helps prevent line from being cut like it can on wire guards
- Inverted line tie on the upper part of head helps keep line from being frayed on rocks
- Snagless/weedless head design helps prevent jig from getting wedged in rocks


- Water Type: Freshwater
- Color: Green Pumpkin
- Weight: 1/8 oz.
- Pack Quantity: 1