Baby Burner Spinnerbaits - Freshwater, 1/4 oz, Sexy Shad, Package of 1

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Manufacture ID: BURN14-590GS

The Burner Spinnerbait is awesome! Featuring the Raz-R-Blade High RPM blades that allow the bait to be burned just under the surface and keep the bait down and level to prevent the blades from blowing out. Compact, minnow shaped head design for maximum speed and flash. The Burner comes ready to go with the Perfect Skirt and sharp Gamakatsu hook. Tie one on and set your fishing on fire!


- Gamakatsu Hook
- Perfect Skirt
- Raz-R-Blade High RPM Blades
- Compact Minnow shaped head design


- Water Type: Freshwater
- Color: Sexy Shad
- Weight: 1/4 oz.
- Pack Quantity: 1