12 Gauge Invector Plus Choke Tube Wrench

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Manufacture ID: 1130053

Reliable choke tube wrenches for each type and style of tube. All are quality construction and fully tested.

Get the right wrench for the tubes you use. There are several different types of choke tube wrenches to use with Browning Choke tubes. Since Invector, Invector-Plus and Invector-DS have different choke designs it is important to select the correct wrench for removing and reinstalling your shotgun's chokes. Many extended tubes are easy to remove with fingers, but most have the wrench slots hidden on each side that accept the correct gauge wrench.

The flat wrench design has slots to fit different gauges of tubes. This is very handy just to have around in your shooting bag or on your key chain. Plus it has a handy screwdriver bit on the end. It comes in versions for Standard Invector and Invector Plus flush-mounted tubes. It is not recommended for use with extended choke tubes.

Warranty: Two year warranty from date of purchase.